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Babehoven is the musical project by Maya Bon. Her EP 'Yellow has a pretty good reputation ' is out today:

At the Spotify API you can use tag:hipster to filter only results with a popularity lower than 10% 🧔 Zweedse humor

Here a Spotify playlist with the most played tracks in the last seven days at KEXP Radio
This playlist will be updated on a daily basis.
@arjen @djoerd

link to KEXP:

Thanks to @e_mydata I am very happy to be back to Android without contact tracing software (Certified ;) but with my favorite apps: @Tusky, Maps w/ Magic Earth, several @nextcloud apps, Open Camera, Maildroid and AntennaPod

How well can tech trace the spread of the coronavirus? - Marketplace
Informative podcast on shortcomings of contact tracing app

And I can't plug bandcamp enough,
great website for discovering new music, best way to support the artists,

Dispatch 2: Every Day is Ignaz Semmelweis Day | Radiolab | WNYC Studios
na half uurtje luisteren zal je daarna paar keer per dag aan dit verhaal terugdenken

cybercriticus Marietje Schaake (D66) wordt door Volkskrant geinterviewd via Zoom....
VK: "Waarom gebruiken we Zoom?"
MS: "Gemak gaat snel boven veiligheid" en "...omdat iedereen het nu eenmaal gebruikt"

Het lijkt wel een stel kinderen die geen eigen verantwoordelijkheid kennen...

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