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It took a while but here my intro.
My name is Chris and work as data analyst/visualization and I am into music
And I feel that in a few years time the world will see the fediverse as the standard way to organise social networks and all.
First I opened an account at but afterwards I realized that the true strength of the federation is shown in having a personal Mastodon instance and I set up

imagining a future where more and more products will be open sourced...

Thanks to @e_mydata I am very happy to be back to Android without contact tracing software (Certified ;) but with my favorite apps: @Tusky, Maps w/ Magic Earth, several @nextcloud apps, Open Camera, Maildroid and AntennaPod

How well can tech trace the spread of the coronavirus? - Marketplace
Informative podcast on shortcomings of contact tracing app

And I can't plug bandcamp enough,
great website for discovering new music, best way to support the artists,

Dispatch 2: Every Day is Ignaz Semmelweis Day | Radiolab | WNYC Studios
na half uurtje luisteren zal je daarna paar keer per dag aan dit verhaal terugdenken

cybercriticus Marietje Schaake (D66) wordt door Volkskrant geinterviewd via Zoom....
VK: "Waarom gebruiken we Zoom?"
MS: "Gemak gaat snel boven veiligheid" en "...omdat iedereen het nu eenmaal gebruikt"

Het lijkt wel een stel kinderen die geen eigen verantwoordelijkheid kennen...

Ik had al NextCloud draaien bij Digital Ocean maar nu aan het verhuizen naar Utrechtse partij @thegoodcloud hier de verschillende abo's en ze hebben free tier van 2Gb om te testen.

Here my first version of Corona dashboard (work in progress)

First page gives total deaths per date and the growth percentage. There is a theory that the growth percentage of deaths decreases by 1% per day. For countries with a lot of deaths (China, Iran and Italy) this trend is visible.

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